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Discover Law with LSAT India

Discover Law with LSAT—India

LSAT—India is a unique standardized test which opens gateways to multiple law schools.
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Official LSAT—India SuperPrep

Prepare for the LSAT—India with the Official LSAT—India SuperPrep. The book is designed to be your study companion while you work to...

INR 1,299/-*

Law Prep Book Bundle

The Official LSAT—India SuperPrep and Official LSAT─India Handbook bundle is the ideal set ...

INR 1,899/-*

Official LSAT—India Handbook

The Official LSAT─India Handbook gives a detailed look inside the
LSAT—India. It discusses the purpose ...

INR 999/-*
*Prices of the books are exclusive of GST Note: There are no additional courier charges applied on the official Test Prep Materials dispatched to the candidates.

About LSAC Global

In 2019, LSAC renewed its commitment to promoting legal education in India by opening LSAC Global India LLP (LSAC Global). The company is dedicated to deploying LSAC’s deep knowledge and experience to meet the needs of law aspirants and law colleges in India. LSAC Global strives to work with leaders in law and legal education to support India’s continued development as the largest democracy in the world today and a major contributor to the global economy. LSAC developed the LSAT—India in 2009 to specifically assist law colleges in India to identify students with the critical reasoning skills that are essential to be successful in law college and, ultimately, to practising law in the global economy. By providing a valid and reliable test of acquirable skills, LSAC Global strives to increase access to legal education for students from underrepresented communities in India. Since its inception, LSAT—India has grown in volume and stature, with over 40,000 law aspirants sitting for the test to gain admission to Integrated LL.B. and LL.M. programmes at some of the most prestigious law colleges in India., and we will connect with you at the next available opportunity.

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